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Why Industry Standards

In no way regulating the industry, MPDA is a non-profit organization here to provide qualified experience and research to those in the business. Without standards there is no guarantee of reasonable quality. (See MPI's PaintInfo site for examples of what can go wrong.)

We first developed a set of painting industry standards and Specification manuals in the mid-1960s. By 1967, an Inspection & Guarantee program had been developed. The MPDA's standards were the basis for the former CGSB's (Canadian Government Specification Board) National Painting Specification. That organization evolved into the Canadian General Standards Board, and the 'core' of that standard continues to be based upon the MPDA Architectural Specification Manual.

Peeling Paint The MPDA also assisted the PDCA in Washington State with the establishment of the Inspection & Guarantee program in 1974.

The program also is operated in the Canadian provinces of Ontario (by the local PDCA Chapter and the Ontario Painting Contractors Association), and Alberta (by the Alberta Painting Contractors Association and the MPDA of Alberta).

Copies of MPI's Architectural Specification Manual and the Maintenance Repainting Manual have been provided by MPDA to a number of jurisdictions under various agreements over the years. In fact, the Architectural Specification Manual distributed by the PDCA from 1987 was provided under agreements with the MPDA, and the Master Painters Glossary, released in 1998, was produced in direct association with the Master Painters Institute.